7 tips for Earth Day that are Wallet Friendly too!

  1. Safety Razors – Giving up disposable razors for the old timey safety razor  is a great way to save money and the environment. The multi-packs of flat razor blades are inexpensive and the peace of mind that comes from not buying into all the overly plastic packaging of disposable razors.  Flat packs of blades also make for minimal amounts of storage.
  2. Mineral Salt Deodorant Sticks – These can be found at your local health food or natural living store. They last an incredibly long time, are free from harmful ingredients, and do not come with excessive plastic packaging.  It is also quite portable, for extended vacations and frugal living.
  3. Coffee Press (No More Drip) – No more costly accessories (i.e. coffee filters) to buy, they may be $1.49 today but that cost adds up and what might be chump change today is a costly hole in your budget.  It is easy to clean, you can even collect the grinds for compost, coffee does wonders for your garden.
  4. Give Up Paper Towels – While it might be easier said than done, there are alternative options.  There are heavy duty reusable towels that are used predominantly in construction that serve the purpose of cleaning up spills and messes and last a really long time.  They can be rinsed clean and air dried to be used for lifting spills or can be used wet for cleaning counters and other surfaces.  Overall they will be friendly on your wallet by using much less and reducing your carbon footprint.
  5. Shopping for Second Hand Goods – This may be a way to reduce costs on goods that have a limited shelf-life anyway, for example children’s clothes, having a circle of moms with which you can swap clothes as kids grow out of things is invaluable and often you can find super steals in you have a saavy eye.  Also a great tip for entrepreneurs who are opening a cafe, maybe eclectic might fit into your style and showcase hidden gems.  There is always the alternative of buying gently used furniture from other businesses it saves the planet and money.
  6. Think Before You Print – Save money on ink and paper by checking to see if you really need a paper copy of a particular document before hitting the print button.  Often times having a scanned copy serves your purposes and it will always be in its file, papers have a habit of moving, files are often where they were to begin with. Also check to see if your printer has an econo mode for printing which will at least use less ink and save you money in the long run on those refilled cartridges.
  7. Ditch Those Plastic Grocery Bags, Go for Re-Useable – Reusable bags have become trendy in all sorts of designs and colours, apart from their fashionable look they serve a purpose, they are not contributing to more plastic consumption.  They are often better made to handle more heavy duty items that often need more plastic bags to sustain them.  And even if you forget your bag at hope, opt for bio-degradable paper, brown bagging it has never been greener or more eco friendly.

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