Easter on a Budget… How to save & still have a memorable holiday

1.  Don’t waste money painting & hiding a million eggs, for your kids: 

Find a local Easter Egg Hunt, ask at your local church or community center for events they may have planned.

Here is one for you New Yorkers:


2. Make your own Easter Basket:

Materials such as cleaned out milk cartons and coloured construction paper for decoration, it is a fun family oriented activity that kids would love more than one that just shows up fresh from the store.  It inspire and ignites their creativity and they draw a huge sense of accomplishment.

3. Bake your own easter themed cake:

It can be bunny shaped, or even egg shaped, the point is to design and get inventive.  Oftentimes the grocery store has cake decorating tools and colors as well as sprinkles, sparkles, candy, all of these combined with box cake can make for a fun and delightful afternoon, and an even yummier dessert.  Don’t worry about it being fancy, often the best cakes or even cupcakes each one personalized or decorated for the individual can be just as special.

Here’s is an easter recipe or idea from Betty Crocker but there are plenty more to be easily found on the web:


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