Have a Fun Memorial Day Weekend & Not Break the Bank

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us and beach weasther already here, its time to enjoy the season, celebrate some much needed time off and not break the bank.  Sounds like quite an exhausting task, with a bit of planning all can be accomplished with ease.

1. Taking a trip: As with all frugality planning is essential.  Taking a car trip, pack snacks, portable dvds, coloring books or some mobile activity for the kids.  Going by plane or train, pack lightly, make sure to make a list of all essentials and revise and edit so that your list is as streamlined for maximum fun and utmost essentials, for packing tips check out this link below:

Remember you also will not be the only one on the road, plan accordingly, don’t overplan events and activities, if you can leave early to avoid traffic.  Also a cardinal rule of all travel,  take detours, get a little lost and find something new and unexpected, the best things in life are often free.

2. Going to the Beach:  Remember to plan ahead, essential items that are standard can often be over inflated in price just for the sake of convenience, translation: go to your neighborhood drugstore for sunscreen not the shop on the boardwalk, your wallet will thank you.  Also you can plan for picky eaters by making snacks that your family loves without resorting to terrible fast food.  With all your savings and planning, treat yourself and the family to ice cream cones, although cheap to bring your own it’s not sensible to keep food ice cold in summer heat.

3. Take the Road Less Travelled:  As we know everyone heads to the beach for memorial day weekend  as the beaches officially open for summertime fun.  Why not try an alternative a local park or garden.  A picnic lunch and a shady spot underneath a tall tree can provide the perfect elements for a wonderful day, bonus you don’t have sand everywhere.  If you are in the New York/Long Island Area the planting Fields Arboretum provides an inexpensive day out amongst nature, check the link below for directions.


4. Backyard BBQ: Although Barbeque purists will say most of what goes on in backyards is grilling it’s still a fun activity no matter you call it.  Invite friends and family and save money by making it potluck, everyone makes a summer dish for 6-8 people (typically even for large parties as there will be more food options from numerous people.)  Coordinate and confirm with your guests so you don’t get 12 jello molds for your BBQ.  Also when shopping grab the coupons, many markets have sales on typical BBQ fare, so check what’s in your circular and get to shopping.

Planing is a key component when it comes to staying within budget. Remember planning, planning, planning and you will always be prepared for fun on a budget, remember to not get too caught up in the planning that you miss out on the fun, take the unexpected trail and make the most of your lovely holiday weekend.

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