Small Business Owners and their Workers need UNITY and PASSION


As a Business owner you need to take the time to do the BIG THINKING.  When you do this on a daily basis you will differentiate in your employees your leaders, and engage them to drive real growth.

Take the following steps:


  1. Have a vision committee meeting at least once a month ( your partners, your consultants, your managers).
  2. Allow the group to bring up new possibilities and allow them to question and talk openly.
  3. Review backward. What your company will be in 10 years from now, then 5 years, followed by 3 and 1 and what are the steps taken to develop this vision.
  4. How can you be different from your competition and what can you do to excel at it.
  5. Review who is your current clientele and how you can reach the target figures in your market in your geographical location.
  6. How does your firm stands in terms of revenues, number of partners, number of staff, in reference to the clients you serve.
  7. How diverse is your clientele (Do you have only one source of clients, one big contract, a lot of small ones, diverse contracts????).
  8. Review contingency in case you or top management need to absent for a period of time, who will take charge, who will make decisions, how does continuity is assured?
  9. How is the face of the company being projected?
  10. How is your marketing plan, is the financial and operational programs in complete agreement with the marketing plan in place?


As business owners we must continually reformulate our vision, think big, take risks and make tough decisions but most importantly we need to integrate our vision plan into theday-day business and this is only attained by maintaining our Unity and Passion alive.

About Hickey&Hickey

Hickey & Hickey is not just a Tax, Accounting & Payroll firm we are here to help people become Financially Healthy. Apart from offering financial information online we conduct Seminars geared to individuals and small businesses. Hickey & Hickey no solo prepara taxes, nomina y contauria estamos aqui para ayudarle a mantener su salud economica. Fuera de traerle informacion por internet ofrecemos seminarios al publico, para individuales y empresas.
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